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Special commentary by pastor Joshua

19 Apr 2013 Fri

Once upon a time, the chief of general staff of the German Army (in the 1930s) made his point about what type of officers he would have chosen for his army, read the following,


While he was clearly talking about military endeavours,  such classification of human caliber still serve a great purpose in today’s society.


But to make the general’s theory more relevant in today’s context, we should also  consider the three factors in conjunction. 


(1) Factor of Leadership Development. The German general’s theory applies well in this context.

(2) Factor of Academic Development. Those who are Clever but Lazy will never make it unlike the same class in the military as the general had predicted.

(3) Factor of Career Development. In the civilian career sector, those  who are Clever yet Lazy know how to seize opportunities and advance their wealth and well being. Clever and Hardworking will succeed eventually when they encounter good bosses along the way.

There’s one class of description that applies across the board – Those Stupid and Industrous/Lazy type. Unless rare lucky strike comes upon them, they never live a meaningful life in whatever circumstances. They fail badly in their endeavours yet they don’t know why.

Pastoral staff who are Stupid yet Industrous often used to  think that they are of “CEO” material; yet they simply lead their church into the wilderness… 


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