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国大性法律教授 – 人渣

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Law Professor Is Guilty! As Charged.

Media extract from Singapore newspaper

The Verdict Is Out – Law Professor Is Guilty As Charged

Law Professor Tey of National University of Singapore will be given his  sentence today by the court, for his selfish act of using examination grades in exchange for sex with his female student.

Prof Tey had tried out all acts in court during the trials including pretended to be mentally ill, trying to avoid the final “onslaught ” of many evidences so that he hopes to get away from being dealt with.

But too bad for This guy, justice has prevailed again this time.



Manipulation of God’s Accounts

Media commentary by:  Church Observer

The following are the evidences of how these God servants played with the faithful members money!

Their emails and funny accounting stories really show what type of people they are…




The above scandal is the biggest church fund scam and misappropriation ever carried out in Singapore.

Where the money gone to?
The trial will reveal more insights for sure.

“Plug Possible Gaps For Members”?

Lioncity media extract

In the midst of its biggest church fund scandal in the history of the Lioncity,  the City Harvest Church carries out in courtroom video tapping and note taking, and then posts the material on YouTube.

They call such act “plug possible gaps for their members”…?

Is this a right thing permitted by the court?
Will it set a precedence for future court cases?




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SINGA of Lioncity Plays The Resignation Game



The above is news report extract from the web. 

No big deal.  This is just another unintelligent PR campaign tries to grab attention from Singaporeans.  The Singa lion simply hopes that flocks of people rush forward to urge It to withdraw the resignation;  and strive to spur its citizens to be more gracious…

It’s not going to work this way. In fact, SINGA evokes no emotional feeling at all.
To be more realistic, moves on houses/property-buying policy and car COE have more impact to the people’s emotion these days…

OK, please proceed to resign and packing up, IS APPROVED.

By:  Roadside Observer

Box Office – Church Scandal Under Siege

Lioncity biggest show unfolding… 
Media news extract

BY:  John Prada

This is really an interesting case about how sham bonds are used to gain personal profits/goods by a group of caretakers of a Mega church…
The prosecution side calls it Misappropriations. 




Wow, very complex and sophisticated operation.


There seems to be many supportive followers.

Kong Hee & Gangs “Lobang” For Money-making

Local news report – Singapore’s biggest church fund scandal in history

By: City Old Folk

According to the court hearing, the Godly Agents led by the pastor carried out complex money-moving method for their huge misappropriations of millions of dollars…


Coffeeshop 有人说: “十分可悪!“



Above: Godly agents… 神人?神棍?

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