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Extracts of Singapore local media report
3rd June 2013

The story in brief:
This professor Tey used his power and influence to obtain free sex and goods for grades, from his female law program student.
Place of offence:  National University of Singapore, Prof Tey ‘s office.
Verdict:  5 months jail term.

Coffeeshop Chinamen comments:

… 5 months jail term is too light.
… Tey deserves more severely punished.
…  very good, justice has been served.
…  Whoa, it is shiok!
…  he can teach other jail partners there, part-time law degree course.
…  推出去尻了!
…  死王八!
…  quite poor guy…. but how could he do that to his student?
…  he should appeal all the way to High Court!
….  you want him to die harder ah? Haha.
…  let’s be more compassionate to him OK?


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