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BY:  Pastor Joshua (sent from Canada )

Many Try Focusing But Still Fall Short of Their Goals. WHY?

I have friends who always ask me this question: “Why my kid tries so hard focusing on what he aims to achieve but still fails?”

So I asked this parent to illustrate the full story. What happen is, the father went through tough financial decision to sell the apartment house,  gathered money to support the son’s entry into one of the expensive School of Art in the Lincoln District to study Vocal singing cum the International Baccalaureate.  The main driving force was that his son was praised to be a high potential children’s  choir member in church.

However the story turns out to be quite the opposite side  of thing they had expected. After a few years, the son was transferred from Vocal training to cello, then to African drum, back to Vocal, and finally the school expressed that the young man truly lacking the required aptitude to be of any success in Vocal singing career. So, the son has to switch again to another  graduating  art subject – Drawing!
What adds to the problem is that the young man is also lacking academic faculty.

Pastor Joshua’s opinion;
THIS IS a typical case of failure to understand What Focusing Means?
Let me explain the core subject matter,
—  to focus is to set aim on something in which you have much desire for;
—  but focus alone does not mean anything if the process lacks Control.
—  to control your Focusing effort you need a plan for when and how you spend your best resources and energy to create the required momentum at the critical (关键时刻) time/period;
—  without such a synergistic coordination, it explains why many people wasted their resources and time Focusing very hard on their goals but still destined to fail.

If pastor Joshua were to face such predicament as above story, he would likely consider. channeling the young man  to re-focus on Hymn Music,  dedicate his talent to serve God in church choir and who knows, the young man can be a very successful church choir director.
It is also the case of people tend to underestimate God’s path and his plans… where God strengthens the whole synergy to derive at a blessed outcome.


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