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Singapore media extracts.
29 June 2013  SAT

Recently it was reported in the news that a phenomenon needs to be addressed, in the island City state.
It says that for those old folks (retirees) who are currently staying in BIG landed private property (which has market value of several million dollars!) should be given financial attention by the state! And their stupid reasoning?  “Not enough cash to spend for retirement!!!”

Obviously this media report highly distorted the true picture of these group of “pretended idiots”, thinking that they are the underprivileged old people.

There’s only one fair solution for such asset rich old folks, that is to sell their “obscene  high value” property and move to a lesser private home and cash out a few million dollars for their still extremely comfortable retirement golden ages…


The nation needs to take care of people and families really in need of financial support to cope with continued inflationary pressure and very high cost of living…

The above forum letter truly air-out what’s  Commoners’ (social) Justice.


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