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Media extract. 9 July 2013

By:  Roadside Observer

A Clear Case of Lacking Leadership Responsibility And Integrity

An army captain of the Lioncity armed forces falsified important military training document just to cover up his poor judgment,  was charged in military court.

This officer commanding (OC) of a company of soldiers falsified a live firing range training record for his ENTIRE COMPANY (100+ men ) , stated that his men did carry out the range training on a particular day  but instead, his men went for leave on the same day! The fact, not a single shot was fired at the range!!!

It was reported that this officer was a President Scholar – the highest scholarship awarded by the state.


Coffeeshop old folk says, “If this guy could runaway with such act, can we trust such idiotic  people to defense the nation!?” “In war, this scholarly idiot may even let his men run off from frontline yet reporting a victory with false encounter with enemy!”

Another Busybody says, ” It’s extremely important  that such false leaders be discovered early in the system , otherwise they will advance to be chief of defence force or politicians one day…”

A wiseman says, “Yeah, it seems that the system is quite fair… in  weeding out big idiots from time to time.”


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