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     above: according to media report, the music production company Xtron is merely a money-making arm of Agent Kong and his merrymen…. in which they syphon church fund away.
Project Crossover – Crossover to Kong & gangs own accounts !!!


Media extracts & commentary

27 Aug 2013  Tue
By:  City Church-goer

God’s Agents Played Dirty Tricks

The 2nd leg of Kong Hee & gangs trial has exposed more dirty tricks played by these agents of God, to syphon money from the church’s building fund for their own selfish greed.

Now that all the dirty stuff being exposed gradually in the open, just wonder how would pastor Kong Hee’s followers think? The fact remains that these dumb believers of Kong  Hee “magic” continue to believe in him!

But it is highly probable that within the CityH Church many true believers of God have their eye opened and knew by  now what exactly had happened.




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