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Above, the Bethany Presbyterian Church (Singapore) openly posted support for disgraced Kong Hee & gangs on its Facebook page. (Apparently both the banner and Facebook statement in support of Kong Hee have triggered much negative reaction from its own church members).


Web Media extract

By:  Joshua (pastoral)

It is truly a shock wave to me when I read from the above website, that Singapore Presbyterian church came to support the controversial pastor Kong Hee (& gangs) who involved in the largest ever church fund scam – in that these disgrace God’s agents on earth had misappropriated a total of more than S$20m from the church’s building fund at City Harvest Church (CHC)!

It clearly shows that Singapore Presbyterian Church has lost its head in such a declaration in support of the criminal act by Kong Hee and his gangs.

Church leadership should always be mindful of their highest calling and duties towards God and their flock. In no circumstances they should entertain the thought of “protecting” their own kind in cases of breach of trust. 

What such declaration means to christian faith followers?  That’s the biggest question Singapore Presbyterian Synod should ask themselves…



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