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Singapore media extracts
By:  Roadside Observer

CityHarvest Church Fund Scam – Start of Blame Game

Kong Hee’s gangs now start to push all dirty stuff to one of their accomplices, Chew Eng Han.

They all  “blame” him (Chew) for all the financing methods  of Crossover Project in which it was alleged that CityHarcest church fund was used (siphoned) for pastor Kong Hee’s wife on her singing career.

So, from the media reports of the trial in court, it is not surprising that Chew Eng Han got pissed off and quit the church all together in protest.

Another scenario according to some opinions, is that the scam gangs try to place most blames to only One Person so that the one person is willing to be a “sacrificial lamp” to save pastor Kong and the rest of the accomplices. 

Let’s see which of the above scenarios turns out to be real.



Above: The defending party continues with their claims and trying very hard to create illusions about “there’s nothing wrong” in MOVING church fund all over the place; yet now they further narrowing any such wrong-doing onto a single person… (as reported by local media).


Comments on: "“The Cat Is Out!” Why Chew Eng Han Quits The Church" (4)

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  2. Ah Huay said:

    And I thought he quited because he just realized he wasted his life, time,sanity and money on Christianity and men who claimed that God talks to them personally.

    He ditched them because he got stabbed in the back by Christians.

  3. What Trust? said:

    God bless the lost souls of the CHC, the only way to redeem yourself is to donate more to the church, so that it can fund the leaders in the “crossover” to jail project and convert the poor souls in prison. Perhaps Sun can do a China wine show at Changi too. That’s would certainly stimulate the prisoners and their brothers to rise.

  4. If one has the resources to afford a condo at Sentosa Cove, why the hell would anyone want to share its ownership with another person whose relationship is totally unrelated in family links ?

    Will this fact alone not have shown us the level of integrity or honesty at play ?

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