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By:  Roadside Observer

Proof of Credible Accounting Practices ?

The Cityharvest Kong Hee saga trial has progress steadily in line with what the prosecution wants to prove. That the church committee as a whole led by pastor Kong Hee had manipulated the church’s financial transaction records and aimed to mislead auditors in the process.

But strangely, why this Mr. FOONG an auditor who supposedly “guiding” the church committee in the past many years has been dragged out by Serina Wee “to prove a point”? Obviously Foong objected strongly about his “critical” advice to the Crossover Project as what Serina and Kong Hee have claimed.

It is interesting to see if the defending party has started to put up another ring of defences by drawing support of professionals such as auditors who were involved in auditing & advising on  Cityharvest accounts. However, the first of such professionals (Mr. Foong ) has apparently refused to be drawn in by Kong Hee’s gangs.

The biggest challenge  for Kong Hee & gangs including their very expensive lawyers remains, that lots of their internal communications (email, SMS, specific records) etc. are now in the hands of prosecution!  That puts the defending party in very defensive position really. Hence, they could only resort to denials and blame game.


The trial series are getting more entertaining when more witnesses take the stand.



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