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LionCity local media extracts
By:  Roadside Observer @Coffeeshop


FROM what the media has reported, it appears that one of the partners of auditing firm engaged by CityHarvest is a closed friend of Kong Hee.

However, as a witness to the trial, Foong denied everything he had said (or involved) with the audit process and audited report of the church.

Ask the coffeeshop people, they would say this,
–  as partner of the auditing firm engaged for the client (in his case, CityHarvest), how could Foong even provide his so called Personal Advice outside the audit process?!

–  in that context, as a partner of the auditing firm, was Foong tried to influence his client about the audit report outside the auditing firm’s responsibility and liability?

–  is that professional conduct expected of an auditing firm towards its client? I.e. playing different roles as partner of the firm toward a same client on a single audit case.


Roadside coffeeshop people are not experts to make professional judgment on the above questions. But, basing on common sense it appears to be a situation of mixing friendship with professional role (?)



Would more denial really help the partie(s) concerned to eventually evade from justice?
One thing for sure, Kong & gangs are trying to drag a few more (friends) into deeper  water besides Chew Eng Han… who knows.
But, would they bite?


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