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By:  Roadside Observer @Coffeeshop

20 Sep 2013

Now They Push It To  God. Oh God!

The Singapore “Kong Hee Trial”, after several rounds of blame game among the accused and witnesses, now the game starts to roll over onto the God’s turf…

From the proclaimed “God says sorry to me…” (by pastor Kong Hee) to Eng Han’s “truthful to God” and now the church engaged auditor (and closed friend) starts to proclaim in court: God told me to speak to the judge… WOW!

The $2.4m question is: Did he actually gave such “questionable” advice to Cityharvest church committee and he fully aware that it is not right? If he didn’t, then why the Kong Hee gangs want to frame him?
Another question: God really spoke to him the night before ?!




Coffeeshop folks are thinking aloud:
Who knows, when the verdict comes the judge will proclaim: “God told me to… ”
Cityharvest Church ‘scam gangs’ and claimants, Watch Out!


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