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Singapore media extract

By:  Roadside Observer


According to media report, though the defence of City Harvest said that the loan to a company in bond buying IS SAFE  in order the fund could eventually go one full cycle and  used for supporting Sun Ho’s singing career; but the fact remains that after Kong Hee & gangs sham bond scam been exploded in public eye, the church’s Donation has dropped a lot!

According to media report, so much so that the executive body of the church now has to explain to its church members that all are “safe”…

The million-dollar question is, would CityHarvest eventually gone bust because of diversified borrowings from other financial institutions with very high interest rates (to cover urgent financial needs)? The gangs had to do that apparently was to try covering up the “biggest black hole” (root cause) created by a lousy pop singer’s US market attempt.


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