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Singapore media extract

By: Busy Body

What FCBC Has To Show To The Society?

After reading the above news report as well as “I asked the minister to send me to jail” (an interview of pastor Lawrence Khong by the press) published previously, there’s good reason even for Christians to deeply reflect on their faith.

Without going into further argument, people at the coffee shop have the following to say,

–  FCBC (or rather Khong’s) reaction to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is merely a rebellious act, trying to show to their own followers that Khong’s judgment to sack his pregnant staff without due compensation or consideration remains “correct”.

–  Khong as a pastor basically had forgotten that, as in the Bible even Jesus spoke out loud about follow the law. So, Khong and FCBC have demonstrated a completely WRONG teaching about Christianity!!!

–  the whole saga acted “in faith and principle” (sacking the pregnant staff) by FCBC (or rather, Khong) remains an opposite illustration of Love & Caring.

Coffee shop folks urge that, even if “you” are a Mega Church, should not demonstrate the wrong side of Upholding Principles to the society.

God bless ALL.



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