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JOSHUA (pastoral , HK )
12 Oct 2012

They asked, why are (most of) the traditional churches no longer able to revitalize their believers and grow the church?


The key reasons are,
–  too tied down by it’s own doctrine and rituals;
–  lack of “revolutionary” (visionaries) pastoral staff not only to lead but “feed thy sheep” properly;
–  the spiritual power of pulpit is lost;
–  failing to really See God’s Kingdom.

–  过于守成。只关注于教会礼仪的进行。
–  缺少有远見和”強勢”的主导教牧。(羊群完全自主式的追逐喜好和到処吃荤)
–  失去讲台(宣讲圣道)的上帝所启示的大能,只是在讲故亊和圣经历史,与课堂没有分别。
–  无法使会众”真正看見属灵的亮光和上帝国度”。甚至教牧本身也”没有看見”。

So when believers in church on Sunday, reading (praying) The Lord’s Prayer, are  they been guided properly to see God’s kingdom for what they have been praying for all the time?
Each Sunday there are believers seeking to be fed with spiritual enlightenment by pastoral staff who stand on pulpit. Yet every Sunday many will go away merely attended another (Biblical) history class.
In The Book of John, hence Jesus reminded Peter to feed his sheep properly.
So much so, most traditional churches these days faced with the challenge of that their believers wanting endlessly, good story-telling preachers on the pulpit. Good story-telling is very different from strong spiritual revelation and God’s calling from the pulpit.

每当会众在星期日(主日) 颂读主祷文吋,他们可有真正看見並巳接受上帝国度于心灵中?
记得耶稣曾对彼得所说的,”你牧养我的羊” 吗?
教牧若无法有能力去带领会众和教会肢体有属灵的看見,那么,主日敬拜和圣道启示的大能巳淪为一场礼仪秀(a ritual show),教会又如何復兴?!
怪不得会众只能越来越追求一场”好听” 的讲道了。這与属灵的看见和亮光(上帝启示) 差远唉!

Same for church ministry work and activities, leaders and believers must see the Light. Church leaders who even fail to sustain strong support for Prayers meetings will not see the spiritual fruits.

同样的,教会肢体不在于做了多少,而在于”属灵的看见”… 当一个教会失去会众积极参与祷告的动力(包括长執等教会领袖),其光景就有如出埃及后被困于圹野之地。。。

The next time when we use The Lord’s Prayer to pray, oh Lord,  be my Light.




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