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Singapore Weekend Interesting News Extracts


By:  Roadside Picker

(1)  Political Blogger Facing Legal Case
The following cartons are extracts of open media.


Coffeeshop People:  “Whose fault?”
A wiseman: “We have to be open-minded and just wait for the outcome. Dun pass quick judgment…”

(2)  Asset Rich Old People Looking For Help


This seems to be a philosophical problem…


Can’t they sell their house (make a ton of cash) and move in to HDB flats?
Coffeeshop People: “So, they are poor becos they don’t drive a Merc? Yet they own million dollars landed property!”


Coffeeshop People: “Simply, they want to have the cake & eat it.”

A wiseman commented: “We cannot just base on economic sense for all solutions…”

Singapore Messiah & Batman Are Caught!


Media report extracts

By:  coffeeshop observer

Batman, son of Superman Sentenced To Jail!!!

This is true!

The guy whose true name is Batman, true son of “Superman”, was caught for drug taking and robbery/house-break in.

The outcome?  Jailed.

Coffeeshop oldfolks are laughing & rolling on the floor…

A wiseman says, “every hero has a raining day…”

The Messiah Case

So fast & swift, the Internet hacker Messiah who hacked into numerous Singapore government websites is caught in KL, Malaysia.




The “TaoLi Syndrome” 桃李现象


Media report extract

6 Nov 2013
By:  coffeeshop Observer

Blame Game – Reboot

In the past, the “popular Lion city swimmer” used to blame her coaches.
These days the blames go to this thing called Judgment.

2016 Olympics?  Blame who/what then?


Some open-minded people among the coffeeshop watchers say, “don’t be surprised OK, this swimmer may get an Olympic medal in 2016.”

A wiseman standing nearby says, “yeah, it’s not a foregone conclusion yet… let’s see.”

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