Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

By:   pastor Joshua (Hong Kong)


The following are the essence of reading the 42 chapters of JOB.

–  the whole thing about the debates between Job and his three friends is merely about Job vs Job.

–  deep down, all conversations between Job and his “friends” are indeed Job’s self rationalization of his relationship with God!


–  the script of this old testament (JOB) is put into a format of poetry (dialogs) to illustrate how we human are so very capable of doing our own “rationalization work” within our faculty of Knowledge, Experience, Social Status and Self Consciousness!

–  we have lots of ways to explain why God let this or that happen to us or people around us… The Book of JOB illustrates to us that no matter how smart we are as human, there’s no way of explaining God. (Or act of God).

–  ultimately, we should simply come forward to God (as what Job’s “three friends” or actually himself) not carrying our own perception but to receive His revelation (GodTalk) and totally put aside our Acquired knowledge and experience; in order to receive greater blessing from God and allow us to be truly blessed.

–  at the end of the Book, Job finally overcome all his own perception (which derived from his social status, acquired knowledge and experience) in order to listen to GodTalk. And with such revelation, Job could regain his senses as well as built upon his life’s encounters, “reborn” as a new Job (New Human). (Remember that in the Book of Job, he kept questioning about the purpose of his birth?)

Many Christians love the Book of Job, exactly because they fall into the syndrome of wanting desperately to understand the Whys about God. Why God wants to test Job? why God wants to “punish” such a most righteous man on earth? Why God could allow this and that happen to Christians…. the long list goes on and on….

But this is the wrong angle upon which we should read the Book of Job.
The whole episode upon Job had nothing to do with righteousness or evil. It is about how we should maintain the way we try to understand the holy and all-mighty God. Simply put, the only acceptable relationship with God is to come forward (or more correctly, turn back) to Him and Listen. Nothing more.
All reasoning, explanation and our own rationalization are to no avail at the end. There’s only one way. And Job was to go through the process to relearn about how he would further understand his God and be blessed, NOT BY HIS OWN ACT OF PERFECT RIGHTEOUSNESS!



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