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Extracts of local media newspapers (29th May 2014)

The Lion City state is known for fair trials of court cases.

The 6 alleged will go through their formal trial in July according to the previous report.
All are represented by senior council except for the (formal) City Harvest Church treasurer / investment manager Chew who will defense himself in court. But why only him choose to do so? As he was quoted: Now is the time for me to answer and I feel that I need to answer for and by myself.

Will there be any big surprises (with new disclosure) in the coming trial?
Or just carry on the same debates on same material evidences as before?
Nobody knows.

A wiseman says: regardless of what had been tabled during the pre-trial, it is assured that debates will be judged on merit of the case and by the law.
An interesting chapter nonetheless.


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