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Hanging On One Minute Longer

By: pastor Joshua (HK)

Germen national soccer team captain LAHM has announced his “early” retirement, in which many are shocked by his decision.


But this is exactly what he wanted it, to be able to prepare for his next lap in life, while he still has good energy.

In this earthly world, we tend to prolong every “good thing” in our doing or possession, until something strikes home. It is common that in spiritual serving of God’s ministry many people will rather wait till they almost drain out their full energy before they would act upon their deed to seriously serve the Lord. But this is way too late, as these people only left with little energy (mentally & physically) to be of good use to serve.

Yet another syndrome in that there’s enough such people who are happy to leverage their position in church ministry mainly to glorify themselves, building halo above their head.
Yet these people failed to pass on their experience to juniors. Because they are over zealously protective of their own position.

One of my friend in England told me the following story.
There’s this church elder who is in charge of musical worship. And he loves to be on stage to sing solo. His whole life seems to evolve around “his own singing” on stage on Sunday service. Not to mention that many in the church noticed that his vocal is not that pleasing. But nobody dare to tell him the truth. He’s an elder. He volunteers himself and expected to be given the first priority to sing on all the important church occasions.

When it came the church’s 150th anniversary, the church prepared for a grand program of celebration. The senior pastor apparently had planned for a young musical talent who would sing on stage for one of the two dedication worship services for the anniversary highlights. One of the service was somewhat secondary as compared to the main service on Sunday. The young musical talent was given the stage on the main day (declared as official dedication Sunday service). The secondary service session prior to that was given to the proud singing elder instead.
A big problem arose. This proud elder felt insulted that instead of him the young talent took the stage on a more “glorified platform”. Here you would understand that some who come to serve God thinking that it is a platform for glory…

So what happened later was that the elder “due to unforeen circumstances” he could not perform at the secondary worship session as he supposed to sing on stage. A silent protest indeed.

My friend who related this story to me says that, ‘we have a term to describe such behaviour. We called it “Skinless Split Bananas”… for people who could only give their splitting efforts for God’s ministry and yet all they think is seeking a glorified platform.’

I cannot agree more…
God will surely bless those who give their best efforts to serve; let the SSB (Skinless Split Bananas. 断节无皮香蕉) be dumped away in dark hole.


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