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Xtron + Kong Hee~Crossover = Big Money To Play With


Lioncity Media extracts/reports

By:  Roadside Busybody


Coffeeshop old folks conversations, as they read up the media reports:
~ looks like they All knew what they were doing, yet hiding the true picture from church membeers of how the church fund was used. Now they are trying to deny their cover ups while on trial.

~ Kong Hee & committee passed on money from church fund to Xtron, then Xtron passed on to the stupid singer, then resulted in big loss. Then Xtron needed more money from church fund in order to repay the maturity of the stupid bonds.

~ then? They suggested Xtron to borrow money from bank to buy a property to lease to the church, in order to “repay” to the church fund… then Xtron needed more money from church fund to “beef up” its financial status in order to secure loan from the bank…

~ then? WTF!? One old folk shouted, i m lost liao la… you mean Kong Hee’s accountant and his committee are soooo good and innovative in managing Church Money?


More media coverage:



What Xtron Really Is…. as reported by media:

A wiseman walked by and commented, “didn’t you read from the media reports that pastor Kong Hee says whatever he decides on Crossover and Xtron matters he was based on professional (lawyers and auditors) advice?… and these professionals had vetted … who found nothing wrong.”

What’s readers think? Give your comments.

Kong Hee Didn’t Care About What?


LionCity media report extracts

By:  Roadside Busybody

As reported by the media, it is rather apparent that,
~ pastor Kong and his committee didn’t quite bother about whether the church fund could be recovered.

~ it appears that this group of people just going about finding ways and means to siphon out the church fund for other purposes.

~ the troubles remain that on this case (the trial), there are large amounts of material evidences around to prove that the whole Cross~border project could be a scheme to misappropriate church fund for supporting Kong’s wife …

~ Xtron? As reported it appears to be a platform for conducting ‘money transfer’…

~ apparently as reported by local media, pastor Kong seemed to be the one who called the shots on the whole scheme of things happened at Xtron… including siphoning church fund.

Is it true that Kong and his committee had planned such a deliberate scheme to siphon church fund for their intended purposes? What readers think? Please feedback if you have some ideas.

The correct answer will only be known to public when the court verdict on this case is announced.

Xtron ~ CityHarvest ~ KongHee


By: Roadside Observer

LionCity ~ Exasperated Pastor In Court

As reported by LionCity media, the senior pastor starts to feel the heat when he was questioned left right and center by the prosecution.

The key question remains: Do Kong Hee & his exco members actually control Xtron?
Prosecution side seems to gathered enough materials to pinpoint on the fact that Kong & his people did control Xtron in order to siphon church’s monies to spearhead Kong’s wife singing career.


As reported, these people seemed to try very hard to HIDE their actions of controlling Xtron as the vehicle to dig into the church’s monies for usage on other (non~authorized) purposes…

Another key witness (deputy senior pastor) will take the stand in court soon. Will he able to take the heat without breaking down? Or, interestingly will he turn his back on his master?
Roadside people think that the two women witnesses could be the weak~links…

Wiseman says: It is all gossiping and we still have to patiently wait for the final verdict. It is a fair trial after all.

Chinese newspaper extract:

Pastor Kong’s Trial ~ “Lies & Deceptions”


By:  Coffeeshop Group

Chew Continues His Salvos On Kong Hee

As the media reports, ex CityHarvest Church (LionCity) key member Chew Eng Han continues to fire direct salvos of “attack” onto his ex bro pastor Kong Hee.


As reported, apparently Hundreds of thousands dollars were paid to Kong’s wife using the so called Multi Purpose account where money are donated by church members. But in the open, Kong claims that they are not on the church’s payroll…


As reported, Kong had lied to his whole flock of church members including some closest inner circle, as Chew started to challenge Kong on several accounts.

The million dollars question: 
What would the church members think of their Godly Servant?
The answer is not that simple though. Many are still emotionally attached to this person.
Also, the alleged people in this case may not be guilty as what some parts of the public think.

But one thing is sure enough that from now on, churches in LionCity have to manage their funds carefully with greater transparency… pastors can no longer “allocate” church fund to their wife’s activities and or as Gift of Love for themselves.

CityHarvest Church Brothers “Face Off” In Court


LionCity Media extracts
By:  Roadside People

Two Godly Brothers Pointing At Each Other In Court


Only when Chew Eng Han turning his back on Kong Hee, more inside stories and maybe, more truth will be revealed…

As reported, looks like the glamorous story of singer Sun (Kong’s wife) are merely self~proclaimed success…

It is interesting that Chew is keeping all the materials, ready to unleash them when the time comes. And looks like the time has come.

Kong Hee Trial Update ~ Eng Han Says He Tells Lies 康希在庭上


By:  寸步

根据报道, 康希说他被專业人士所误导才会面对今天的大风大浪…
Bro Kong Hee says he was very disappointed to have had listened to ‘those professionals’ and ended up in hot soup today…

Above: Pastor Kong Hee says his wife is ‘really a big star…’ as compared to other Asian Singers. He also says Singaporeans are like frogs in the well! i.e. could not differentiate big stars from those little ones.

In court, Chew Eng Han fires his salvos at his bro Kong Hee…

Chew says Kong is telling lies.
As reported, Chew challenged bro Kong in court, that ‘as senior pastor and people of God, can’t you take full responsibility for being the decision~maker of the cross~border project?!’
(Well said).

Coffeeshop uncles: Wow, the disclosed stories at courthouse are really good. It is really twists and turns…

A wiseman says, readers don’t form your judgment too quick. Follow the episodes till the end.

Kong Hee ~ What Else

By:  Coffeeshop Uncle

As reported by Lion City local media, pastor Kong Hee says he always seeking professional advice…. especially from Bro Foong.


Also as reported, pastor Kong says that the whole idea of Xtron stuff came from Mr Chew Eng Han….
It is apparant that there’s some finger~pointing. But, only the insiders knew what’s really happened in the boardroom.


Could that be the reason that leads to Chew’s quiting CityHarvest Church (?)

This case is definitely a very complicated one; and it will continue to draw huge attention from the public.
So, what else will be disclosed by alleged parties?

CityHarvest Church Trial ~ As Reported


By:  Coffeeshop Uncle

Pastor Kong Hee’s Viewpoint

As reported by media, pastor Kong Hee had almost nothing to do with the alleged church fund scam; as he was “all the time” closely guided by his Bro Foong the auditor and his lawyer…


It will be interesting when it comes to the time Chew Eng Han (the church’s investment manager) to challenge Kong in court face to face, about some materials that Chew has in possession.
Apparently Kong’s lawyer has applied for an injunction on the use of such materials.


A wiseman says:  It is to be left to the court to pass the final verdict. Commoners like us should only read the media reports to be updated. We are not the judge.

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