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By:  寸步

根据报道, 康希说他被專业人士所误导才会面对今天的大风大浪…
Bro Kong Hee says he was very disappointed to have had listened to ‘those professionals’ and ended up in hot soup today…

Above: Pastor Kong Hee says his wife is ‘really a big star…’ as compared to other Asian Singers. He also says Singaporeans are like frogs in the well! i.e. could not differentiate big stars from those little ones.

In court, Chew Eng Han fires his salvos at his bro Kong Hee…

Chew says Kong is telling lies.
As reported, Chew challenged bro Kong in court, that ‘as senior pastor and people of God, can’t you take full responsibility for being the decision~maker of the cross~border project?!’
(Well said).

Coffeeshop uncles: Wow, the disclosed stories at courthouse are really good. It is really twists and turns…

A wiseman says, readers don’t form your judgment too quick. Follow the episodes till the end.


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