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By: Roadside Observer

LionCity ~ Exasperated Pastor In Court

As reported by LionCity media, the senior pastor starts to feel the heat when he was questioned left right and center by the prosecution.

The key question remains: Do Kong Hee & his exco members actually control Xtron?
Prosecution side seems to gathered enough materials to pinpoint on the fact that Kong & his people did control Xtron in order to siphon church’s monies to spearhead Kong’s wife singing career.


As reported, these people seemed to try very hard to HIDE their actions of controlling Xtron as the vehicle to dig into the church’s monies for usage on other (non~authorized) purposes…

Another key witness (deputy senior pastor) will take the stand in court soon. Will he able to take the heat without breaking down? Or, interestingly will he turn his back on his master?
Roadside people think that the two women witnesses could be the weak~links…

Wiseman says: It is all gossiping and we still have to patiently wait for the final verdict. It is a fair trial after all.

Chinese newspaper extract:


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