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LionCity media report extracts

By:  Roadside Busybody

As reported by the media, it is rather apparent that,
~ pastor Kong and his committee didn’t quite bother about whether the church fund could be recovered.

~ it appears that this group of people just going about finding ways and means to siphon out the church fund for other purposes.

~ the troubles remain that on this case (the trial), there are large amounts of material evidences around to prove that the whole Cross~border project could be a scheme to misappropriate church fund for supporting Kong’s wife …

~ Xtron? As reported it appears to be a platform for conducting ‘money transfer’…

~ apparently as reported by local media, pastor Kong seemed to be the one who called the shots on the whole scheme of things happened at Xtron… including siphoning church fund.

Is it true that Kong and his committee had planned such a deliberate scheme to siphon church fund for their intended purposes? What readers think? Please feedback if you have some ideas.

The correct answer will only be known to public when the court verdict on this case is announced.


Comments on: "Kong Hee Didn’t Care About What?" (5)

  1. Obviously Christians are not the same though they share the same book. These differences basically translate from and of their perspective of God. Generally, the bigger and bolder the founder interpretation of his God, the bigger and grander his church will be. So if the founder vision of his god is conservative, then he ends up running a conservative and often small church.

    People like Kong Hee boasts of a very big God. Big God, big vision and requires big money to operate. Basically, how do you or can you limit such a God, in one’s eyes?

    It requires a certain amount of stupidity to stretch the imagination to its limit ( or no limits at all) – that includes finance and personal rewards and blessings.

    To cut the long story short, when you bark up the wrong tree, conservative or not, your stupidity will become more apparent just as the nose gets longer and bigger becomes more apparent.

  2. The way they went around borrowing money to finance the Suntec City deal makes look it like another big scandal by itself. In essence, how can they commit their church to a commercial loan that has to be eventually paid off by their church members ? Is it not almost like some dishonest deal manipulated by some greedy guy in getting others to pay for a commercial property that he will hold control for as long as he wishes ?

    And why would a man of God get involved in such manipulative deals ?

    • Guest said:

      Because he is like any man of God who hears God or Jesus. He is like any man of God who loves God and wants to expand the empire of his God. Because he is more successful than his counterparts, he and his God have gain prominence. So don’t blame him because he obeyed the voice of his God like any good Christian leaders.

  3. Marlboro Tan said:

    What Kong a Hee has been accused of(abuse of church finance – if the authorities care to scrutinize all churches) is common in churches. The difference is most are small players and the greedier ones are usually from the big churches.

    If he is guilty, they all get caught sooner or later, how about the rest? Helping yourself by modestly dipping into the offering bags in the name of God is ok? Or as religious leaders, getting rich in the name of God while many struggling to make ends meet after giving much to your God is the will of God?

    Who are you kidding?

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