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Lioncity Media extracts/reports

By:  Roadside Busybody


Coffeeshop old folks conversations, as they read up the media reports:
~ looks like they All knew what they were doing, yet hiding the true picture from church membeers of how the church fund was used. Now they are trying to deny their cover ups while on trial.

~ Kong Hee & committee passed on money from church fund to Xtron, then Xtron passed on to the stupid singer, then resulted in big loss. Then Xtron needed more money from church fund in order to repay the maturity of the stupid bonds.

~ then? They suggested Xtron to borrow money from bank to buy a property to lease to the church, in order to “repay” to the church fund… then Xtron needed more money from church fund to “beef up” its financial status in order to secure loan from the bank…

~ then? WTF!? One old folk shouted, i m lost liao la… you mean Kong Hee’s accountant and his committee are soooo good and innovative in managing Church Money?


More media coverage:



What Xtron Really Is…. as reported by media:

A wiseman walked by and commented, “didn’t you read from the media reports that pastor Kong Hee says whatever he decides on Crossover and Xtron matters he was based on professional (lawyers and auditors) advice?… and these professionals had vetted … who found nothing wrong.”

What’s readers think? Give your comments.


Comments on: "Xtron + Kong Hee~Crossover = Big Money To Play With" (3)

  1. Common Sense said:

    The wiser man would blame the government for establishing religious hegemony here

    Admin: BUT WHY? Wiseman won’t bother about this.

  2. Lucky Tan said:

    First, you must create a stupid people or society, then it is easier to rule. The trick is, the people must be stupider than the rulers.

  3. He claimed in court all these transactions have been vetted by his lawyers & auditors. He only provide vague details but doesn’t seem to provide the specifics like which party was responsible for which vetting at which particular time.

    Frankly if he wants to accused his lawyers & auditors of any impropriety, should he not be more specific about such alleged accusations ? But on the other hand, is he not cunning enough not to provide specific details in accusing anyone in particular, lest he can be sued for defamation ?

    But why the Deputy Prosecutor never cross examined him to be more specific if he is accusing anyone of any impropriety ?

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