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China’s Super Dan (Lin Dan) 超级丹


Lin Dan Once Again Takes The Crown ~ 2014 Asian Games Men’s Single Badminton Final

Last night, the so called Super~Dan took his another Asian Champion crown in the men’s single final, beating his China compatriot Chan Long.

What’s the key success factors in Super~Dan? Especially his Nemesis Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia could never apprehend.

Lin has the following stuff that LCW doesn’t have,

~ coolest mentality on the (badminton) court. Super~Dan can always keep his cool when trailing behind.

~ bold enough to make an impression when he wins. He knows about creating a brandname for himself.

~ he’s psychologically powerful enough to haunt his competitors, such as Lee Chong Wei. These competitors just find it hard to beat Lin Dan on the court… no matter how hard they try. So people like LCW ends up 千年老二!!! i.e. Forever The 2nd Fiddle… At this level of skills, both LCW and Super~Dan are equal. But Dan always manages to haunt down at Lee. So Super~Dan will fight hundred battles and win hundred battles… 百战百勝

Anyone still has doubts about why this tattoo guy called Super~Dan of China always looked smart on the court? Still don’t quite get it? Go to Youtube and watch for yourself…

The Sham Bonds People of City Harvest Church



Lion City media extracts

Read the media report above and you will be shocked about how this group of Godly people could do such a thing!

Fortunately their email contents were seized by the law enforcement people. Otherwise they could easily go laughing to the bank!

Apparently while they are on trial, what they are doing together is Deny, Deny and continue to Deny…

Just thinking aloud, what would their church followers think of the whole sham bonds story?

Sharon Tan @City Harvest Trial


LionCity media report extract
Commented by:  Church Guy

Sharon Kept Denying About Her Ill~intention

The prosecution has really cornered the finance manager of City Harvest Church of Singapore, for her role in the entire scheme of church fund scam which includes sham bonds and misappropriations.

As a finance manager she should be aware of what’s definitely wrong in the practice of her profession.

But instead, she had chosen the path to do wrong on financial accounts and altered records of meetings, in which a clear intention to deceive auditors.


Can she get away by kept denying her wrong doing? The trial will lead to the final outcome. It is likely that she may end up in … you know that. 你懂的。

Those who are following the trial would know that the City Harvest sham bonds case is not a genuine accounting mistake BUT it is a carefully planned scheme of things, by the group of very smart and ‘Godly’ people (the accused) who hold high office in the church.

Currently all of them put themselves in the state of DENIAL! They simply say that they Don’t Mean It and They Could Not Remember. That’s quite interesting.

More interestingly, what happen to the singer who couldn’t sing well? Isn’t she was ‘In The Beginning’ of the whole thing?
But some say she can sing… maybe?

Tao Li Moves Aside, Here Comes Schooling!


Singapore news extract

By: Roadside Guy

Now Lion City Has A True World~class Swimmer

The results can’t tell lies.
The Asian game in progress has shown that Singapore’s real Olympics medal hope for swimming events is none other than Schooling.

Gone the so called TaoLi era…
Anyway she never truly come close enough during the London Olympic Games. With the currently shown declining results at the Asian Game swimming pool, it is highly unlikely that she will even qualify for the next Olympics.

Keep it up Schooling, just don’t be proud and overly carried away. You are the real ONE who will carry the City State’s Olympic medal hope.

City Harvest Finance Manager Grilled


Lioncity media extracts
By:  Ah Beng

Coffeeshop old folk says, “She deserved to be grilled.”


According to the media report,
~ the finance manager (ms. Tan) had consciously altered the date of minutes of meeting, yet she still denying that she tried to hide ill intentions.

~ ms. Tan apparently was well aware of what’s going on behind the scene (i.e. Xtron dealings) and she was a key member of the team trying to hide this thing from the auditors, yet she still says that she was not involved.

~ she kept pushing away her accountability in the whole dealing by saying that her English is bad. OMG!

Above: extracts of other media reports. Apparently the then executives of City Harvest Church were very conscious about ‘creating’ an entity (which is Xtron) for their scheme of things…

A wiseman says, “the trial has revealed much things under the carpet of City Harvest Church Executive Office!”

CITY HARVEST Money Scandal Trial ~ Wrong Reasons For Wrong Doing


LionCity media report extracts 【Chinese newspaper】

Commented by:  Ah Beng

Accordingly to the news report, yesterday in the courtroom, mr. Chew Eng Han who was City Harvest Church’s ex investment manager took to the stage to cross examine his formal colleague the finance manager.

Essentially, Chew tried to turn the table around by,
~ provide a loan to a good friend and charge an interest is indeed【an investment】.

~ (the church monies) were transferred from right pocket to left pocket and hence, the church did not suffer any loss. 【But used for undisclosed other purposes】.

~ the church building fund was used to 【invest】in other companies; should such 【investment】go wrong, the risk was born by those companies and hence the church is safe. 

The finance manager fully agreed with the above rationale cited by mr. Chew Eng Han.
Apparently the episode of what’s presented in courtroom yesterday are, basically excuses given by Chew and the finance manager. Is it the case? 

Above: News extracts (Ms Tan apparently thought that moving money around inappropriately was nothing wrong…)

If such logic can be accepted, i.e. with one accused stating the 【right reasons】for doing the wrong things, yet the reasons are 【strongly supported】 by another accused, then there’s no need to deliberate the sham bonds trial anymore…

It’s really quite a case to follow. Each accused would try very hard to evade away from accountability in misappropriation of their church’s building fund through investment in sham bonds. Therefore, all the accused would resort to the same Right Reasons as what’s stated by the ex investment manager, and agreeing with each other…

City Harvest Case On Trial ~ The Finance Manager


Lioncity news extract
By:  Roadside Busybody

Finance Manager “Needed Advice”

So far, the accused on trial all are trying very hard to push blame to other partners…

In fact, one could carefully examine their background and know that these accused are all well educated people who knew what they were doing at that point in time, when they came out with the Xtron and sham bonds scheme.

Now all of them are acting very innocent on the case, hoping to escape from it.

It is good that the prosecution has in possession plenty of seized materials concerning the scandal. Otherwise these Godly people would be laughing to the (church fund) bank.

The wiseman says, “hello guys, we still have to wait and see.”

Kong Hee’s Trial ~ His Mindset & Attitude At That Point In Time


I just didn’t want any visitor…
… to come (and check my place).

LionCity News Extract
By:  Roadside Busybody

As reported by the local media, the church fund scam trial has come to a decisive stage. In that pastor Kong Hee seems to be cornered in between a rock and a hard place.

As reported, no matter how Kong Hee trying to twist and turn his stories, clever prosecutors are too good to nail into the heart of the episodes ~ that the gangs had indeed misappropriated up to $50m of church building fund for other purposes including to support a designed to fail singing career of Kong’s wife…

So far as the media reported, the following are the highlights,
~ Kong was directly involved in the sham bonds and major decision~making.

~ Kong was as deeply involved as the other accused in the whole affair.

~ Kong was also involved in trying to hide the wrong doings under the carpet and hence, he did not want any visitor to his ‘place’. But two years ago the police were smart to raid their homes and office (damn early in the morning) and retrieved many material information about their wrong doings.

~ Kong and the other accused were hiding some crucial facts of their wrong doings from auditor and also, their church members.

More media reports:



However, the final judgment is left for the court to deliver its verdicts. As the case being unbundled slowly in the courtroom, the public must be stunned to the fact that how this group of ‘godly people’ could do such a thing!

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