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I just didn’t want any visitor…
… to come (and check my place).

LionCity News Extract
By:  Roadside Busybody

As reported by the local media, the church fund scam trial has come to a decisive stage. In that pastor Kong Hee seems to be cornered in between a rock and a hard place.

As reported, no matter how Kong Hee trying to twist and turn his stories, clever prosecutors are too good to nail into the heart of the episodes ~ that the gangs had indeed misappropriated up to $50m of church building fund for other purposes including to support a designed to fail singing career of Kong’s wife…

So far as the media reported, the following are the highlights,
~ Kong was directly involved in the sham bonds and major decision~making.

~ Kong was as deeply involved as the other accused in the whole affair.

~ Kong was also involved in trying to hide the wrong doings under the carpet and hence, he did not want any visitor to his ‘place’. But two years ago the police were smart to raid their homes and office (damn early in the morning) and retrieved many material information about their wrong doings.

~ Kong and the other accused were hiding some crucial facts of their wrong doings from auditor and also, their church members.

More media reports:



However, the final judgment is left for the court to deliver its verdicts. As the case being unbundled slowly in the courtroom, the public must be stunned to the fact that how this group of ‘godly people’ could do such a thing!


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