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LionCity media report extracts 【Chinese newspaper】

Commented by:  Ah Beng

Accordingly to the news report, yesterday in the courtroom, mr. Chew Eng Han who was City Harvest Church’s ex investment manager took to the stage to cross examine his formal colleague the finance manager.

Essentially, Chew tried to turn the table around by,
~ provide a loan to a good friend and charge an interest is indeed【an investment】.

~ (the church monies) were transferred from right pocket to left pocket and hence, the church did not suffer any loss. 【But used for undisclosed other purposes】.

~ the church building fund was used to 【invest】in other companies; should such 【investment】go wrong, the risk was born by those companies and hence the church is safe. 

The finance manager fully agreed with the above rationale cited by mr. Chew Eng Han.
Apparently the episode of what’s presented in courtroom yesterday are, basically excuses given by Chew and the finance manager. Is it the case? 

Above: News extracts (Ms Tan apparently thought that moving money around inappropriately was nothing wrong…)

If such logic can be accepted, i.e. with one accused stating the 【right reasons】for doing the wrong things, yet the reasons are 【strongly supported】 by another accused, then there’s no need to deliberate the sham bonds trial anymore…

It’s really quite a case to follow. Each accused would try very hard to evade away from accountability in misappropriation of their church’s building fund through investment in sham bonds. Therefore, all the accused would resort to the same Right Reasons as what’s stated by the ex investment manager, and agreeing with each other…


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