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LionCity media report extract
Commented by:  Church Guy

Sharon Kept Denying About Her Ill~intention

The prosecution has really cornered the finance manager of City Harvest Church of Singapore, for her role in the entire scheme of church fund scam which includes sham bonds and misappropriations.

As a finance manager she should be aware of what’s definitely wrong in the practice of her profession.

But instead, she had chosen the path to do wrong on financial accounts and altered records of meetings, in which a clear intention to deceive auditors.


Can she get away by kept denying her wrong doing? The trial will lead to the final outcome. It is likely that she may end up in … you know that. 你懂的。

Those who are following the trial would know that the City Harvest sham bonds case is not a genuine accounting mistake BUT it is a carefully planned scheme of things, by the group of very smart and ‘Godly’ people (the accused) who hold high office in the church.

Currently all of them put themselves in the state of DENIAL! They simply say that they Don’t Mean It and They Could Not Remember. That’s quite interesting.

More interestingly, what happen to the singer who couldn’t sing well? Isn’t she was ‘In The Beginning’ of the whole thing?
But some say she can sing… maybe?


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