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Lin Dan Once Again Takes The Crown ~ 2014 Asian Games Men’s Single Badminton Final

Last night, the so called Super~Dan took his another Asian Champion crown in the men’s single final, beating his China compatriot Chan Long.

What’s the key success factors in Super~Dan? Especially his Nemesis Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia could never apprehend.

Lin has the following stuff that LCW doesn’t have,

~ coolest mentality on the (badminton) court. Super~Dan can always keep his cool when trailing behind.

~ bold enough to make an impression when he wins. He knows about creating a brandname for himself.

~ he’s psychologically powerful enough to haunt his competitors, such as Lee Chong Wei. These competitors just find it hard to beat Lin Dan on the court… no matter how hard they try. So people like LCW ends up 千年老二!!! i.e. Forever The 2nd Fiddle… At this level of skills, both LCW and Super~Dan are equal. But Dan always manages to haunt down at Lee. So Super~Dan will fight hundred battles and win hundred battles… 百战百勝

Anyone still has doubts about why this tattoo guy called Super~Dan of China always looked smart on the court? Still don’t quite get it? Go to Youtube and watch for yourself…


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