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Here’s a Chinese news report,


Here’s the most probable scenario that has heppened to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un !

It is believed that he’s sort of in a compromised situation…
I.e.  he is no longer effectively having control of the Army and even the party.
However, at this stage the generals are also in a situation that among them there is no unanimous consensus to immediate overthrown their young master…. as they have the fear that the people cannot accept the sudden change of their ruler and it may cause an uncontrollable upheaval in the country.

So, the generals have to wait… especially over many decades of indoctrination the North Korean people already took it for real that the Kim’s family is the God….

This time around, what has happened (Kim’s disappearence) is not so simple as many analysts have reported.
Actually this stupid young guy has shot at his own feet! 
In hindsight he shouldn’t have removed and killed all his father’s old guards and generals sooo fast! Including his own uncle. His father definitely had a more well thought out scheme to put in those old guards to ensure stability over a certain period of time. But young Kim screwed it up big deal.

He might have been spoofed by the other factions of generals to do this … i.e. to remove the old guards and seize power.  Yet Kim Jong Un failed to see what the other generals scheme of things, and the young Kim fell into the trap!!! Now he ends up powerless.

So, continue to watch the drama, it’s not over yet. Because now both sides (Kim and his ambitious generals) have come to a deadlock.
Though the generals could not hastily remove Kim, but they are able to keep him in close watch. Especially now Kim seems to be in not so good health.

One thing for sure, the Tiger (North Korean military) is no longer under control by the Kim family…

North~south Korean relationship has entered into a new era.


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