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By:  Local Old Folk

The above is a real story man! Yet it is not the first time such things happened. It is an extract of the local news report.

Singapore has just been voted as the world’s best place to visit recently.
Strangely, sad stories (for tourists) like this happen again and again at this famous tourism sport called the Sim Lim Square shopping mall. This act is so blatantly done to innocent tourists.

One question remains, why these blacklisted shops are allowed to operate continuously with so many complaints?
It is envisaged that many more innocent tourists will be conned into the same situation.

Some say the authority can’t really do much… It was reported that even the management of the shopping mall has recently written a public plea to the media to ask for help!?  Really scratching my head.

Just wondering why would a “Best place to visit” could allow such unpleasant tourism incidents to happen again and again…
Or is it really does not matter much to tourism reputation after all?


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