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Extracts of Singapore local media report

By: An Old Folk

From reading the reports published on local media, one would wonder whether Mr. Jover Chew a honest businessman.

Maybe he is.

But we don’t understand why he could resort to such ‘dirty tricks’ in his sales of smartphones (especially iPhone) to his innocent customers!

They are many people out there who have to really tighten their belt in order to save up and buy something they really aspire to own, in this case the new iPhone 6.
Instead of providing his customers good services, the Mr. Chew and his shop assistants apparently tried to squeeze out the last drop of juices from customers.

Is this a fair deal for people who come to his mobile shop?! Apparently it is definitely NOT a bargain.

Above: The blacklisted mobile shop own by Jover Chew is located at this commercial building ~ Sim Lim Square

One interesting question, will Jover Chew comes to his senses and feels remorse about what he had done to many innocent customers who received a real bad experience from his shop?


It is very upsetting to know that in Singapore they are still such ‘money-hungry’ persons like Jover Chew who set himself out to con and slaughter his customers!

Or all that’s because of Mr. Chew who hangs out with wrong parties? As the wife told the media.

Another interesting question, can the law takes such people to task? Or it is a matter of consumers have to open their eyes big enough to avoid working into a trap like Mr. Chew’s Deal?



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