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Air Asia Flight QZ8501 Myth

Latest on Wed ~ Dec 31st

Latest this evening Dec 30th:
Found some pieces of the plane wreckage!



latest as at 5:35pm Dec 30th:

*More than 40 bodies found by Indonesian Navy!!! (According to media report)

Latest Press Conference Dec 30 @3:40pm Debris of the crashed plane and bodies found!



As reported: 6 bodies found.

CEO of Air Asia:

~ Earlier media reports below



Extracts of media reports

Commented by:  An Observer

It is truly a sad incident coming to the end of the year 2014.
The myth of flight QZ5801 of Air Asia should still be classified as a missing case until more concrete evidences are discovered.

The mindset for analysing a missing case is quite fundamentally different from a crash incident.

For a clear-cut crash of an air plane, the approach to it is based on collected evidences and crash site analysis.
However, for a missing case of an air plane the approach should be, although still have to conduct immediate search and rescue operations, the authority concerned should quickly formulate a set of viable or plausible SCENARIOS in view of the incident’s circumstances, conditions and intelligence, hence be able to establish an effect blueprint for the scpoe of search and investigation.

In the case of flight QZ8501, scenarios can be formulated based on the following conditions:

1.  Essentially it is due to weather condition;
2.  Primarily due to human error, ie. Poor judgement;
3.  A combination of both the weather and human error.

So far, it seems to be no link to any terrorist action. (?)

Without formulating plausible scenarios for a missing case, just trying very hard to search over the sea water alone will take a much longer time to find out what was wrong with Flight QZ8501.


Latest news: Monday December 29

Latest report: Tuesday Dec 30 Smoke Detected!?

Visual Search from the search & rescue team

Possible debris? (On the sea surface)

裤衩真的是太红了! 中华网摘录



以上是摘录了网站的文章。某解放军中将大放厥词,把中国军力说得世界第一; 只应天上有,地下无?!

投稿:  老舍






After Korea, Singapore Ban Selfie-stick Too


Extract of Singapore News report

Why Selfie-stick Should Be Ban?

By:  Event Goer

Though the decision by the Lion City State to ban Selfie-stick might annoy many enthusiasts of taking Selfie pictures, but for the good of the public safety this Thing should be ban at all major events.



~ when any commotion or violence starts, this thing (Selfie-stick) can be used as a harmful weapon.

~ worse still when at a major public event, hundreds of people with this Thing can create harm to many people!

~ even worse still, some idiots may fix something sharp on its end (instead of a smartphone), just imaging what kind of harmful scenarios can happen!!?  This Thing can be turned into a spear!

Yes, Singapore should also ban this Thing. There’s no need to take Selfie to such an extent really; no need for a long stupid stick in order to enjoy Selfie. If you want the stick, do it at home and at private parties/occasion.




投稿 : 老舍



1  王中将只是在自我标榜。他是关门说大话。中国常规战的军力,足以打日本,南韓和菲律宾等周边国家有餘。和印度打則未必能勝。和美軍相比,則在以下的環节落后了至少二十年!
~ 海陸空战术的全面作战体系与先进系统不足。海空与陸空協同作战力无法全面发挥
~ 导弹防御和武器精准度远远落后于美军。
~ 信息战更落后美军。
~ 中国常规战属于纸上谈兵。上一回打大战役是什么时候?!
~ 中国的将军们打过现代大规模的海空或陸空战役没?(王中将,你说呢?)
~ 打战除了硬件,更重要的决定性因素是,经验和从经验中更新战术和战略!  美军自从二战以来一直在不同地域作战和进行战略与战术的更新改进。
~ 实际点来说,美军的有效作战半径(包括航母战斗群)比中方更大!在战略上的优势尤其突显!

总结篇 ~

City Harvest vs Chew Eng Han ~ The Tale of 6 Good Bros & Sisters


Extracts of LionCity local media report

Further commentary by Lion City Elder

With the above news report published, it is very clear that why Mr. Chew Eng Han (ex City Harvest Church’s fund manager) had decided to breakaway from the church he loves.

Now it is apparent that when the church fund scam was exposed, the then Exco members of the church had an escape route prepared: that’s to blame all things to the church’s fund (investment) manager, Chew Eng Han.

According to the many media reports released before, so Chew had also decided to defend his case independently.

This may be the last resort for City Harvest (Church) to “draw a line” with Chew. In order to put Chew even on a more defensive position in the whole episode of the church’s building fund misappropriation scam. If City Harvest succeeds in placing “mother of all ill intentions” onto Chew, then the only person to serve the eventual jail term may be the poor Mr. Chew! Instead of the rest of the five members of The Team.

So, they had been together as good bros and sisters of a team… But now? 

It is interesting to follow the story/case indeed.

Blogger Retracted His Story About Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

Today the Lion City local news let go a surprise report about the previously reported story on several marathon runners cheated at the Standard Chartered Marathon.

Apparently the author (Mr. KOH) who spotted so called the cheats is an act of the organising body that rerouted slow runners to “cut the Q” and joined in with the other groups of runners, and hence bypassed several checkpoints!

This story now seems like a drama…


Previously reported story by Mr. KOH :

Is It OK To Cheat At The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014?

The following write up is an extract from the web. It tell us how in unsportsmanlike those people who shamelessly did a big shortcut at the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2014.





Commentary by:  Coffeeshop Busybody

It is good that this ugly stuff has been discovery and pointed out by the author/runner (who’s also a photographer) at the event. Thank you.

Otherwise these unsportsmanlike people will always hide under the carpet and boast about how ‘good’ they are in such events!  Event we coffeeshop people cannot take it!

Then thinking aloud, whether the same stupid and idiotic behavior happening at other marathon races such as Boston, New York, Chicago?
We suspect that in the western society, people who participate in such events would adhere to the good sportsmanship.

On the other hand, does it also means that as in the case of This Marathon, the route planning process is a mess?! The circumstances point towards poor control of route planning. Hence, it allows unsportsmanlike people to take the full advantage of the circumstances.

Some people could also argue that, hey, this is not an Olympic event nor Asian Games etc. So please do not nitpicking and hence, nothing is wrong and so long as everybody has fun in the run.
But think again, is it really the case?

Scientist ENG Kai Er ~ What Is She Trying To Project To The Society?



Above:  Lion City newspaper editorial extracts.

Commentary by:  City Old Folk

The Lion City is very limited in resources.
But some of its ‘unfaithful ” scholars just don’t bother about it. They feel that they are more entitled than others to grab public resources and free to do what they like to do.
Is it wrong to bite the society’s hand? As those scholars did.
Or is it just a case of allowing talented people execise their free will/choice? Even though in the process they are supported by public funding.




It is best to leave the case to the agency that uses public funds to grant scholarships to those scholars, whether it is purely a legal issue or it has deeper implications to the public.

Of course the public are quite pissed off by Eng’s behavior for her unwillingness to fulfill her obligation as she had committed as well as the legal contacts she signed. (For the two scholarships to study abroad).

So, it remains quite an interesting case to follow, of whether ENG could get away from her obligation to serve (and to do what she likes) …

The old folks of Lion City have no comment. 没眼看。

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