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Above:  Lion City newspaper editorial extracts.

Commentary by:  City Old Folk

The Lion City is very limited in resources.
But some of its ‘unfaithful ” scholars just don’t bother about it. They feel that they are more entitled than others to grab public resources and free to do what they like to do.
Is it wrong to bite the society’s hand? As those scholars did.
Or is it just a case of allowing talented people execise their free will/choice? Even though in the process they are supported by public funding.




It is best to leave the case to the agency that uses public funds to grant scholarships to those scholars, whether it is purely a legal issue or it has deeper implications to the public.

Of course the public are quite pissed off by Eng’s behavior for her unwillingness to fulfill her obligation as she had committed as well as the legal contacts she signed. (For the two scholarships to study abroad).

So, it remains quite an interesting case to follow, of whether ENG could get away from her obligation to serve (and to do what she likes) …

The old folks of Lion City have no comment. 没眼看。


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