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Today the Lion City local news let go a surprise report about the previously reported story on several marathon runners cheated at the Standard Chartered Marathon.

Apparently the author (Mr. KOH) who spotted so called the cheats is an act of the organising body that rerouted slow runners to “cut the Q” and joined in with the other groups of runners, and hence bypassed several checkpoints!

This story now seems like a drama…


Previously reported story by Mr. KOH :

Is It OK To Cheat At The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014?

The following write up is an extract from the web. It tell us how in unsportsmanlike those people who shamelessly did a big shortcut at the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2014.





Commentary by:  Coffeeshop Busybody

It is good that this ugly stuff has been discovery and pointed out by the author/runner (who’s also a photographer) at the event. Thank you.

Otherwise these unsportsmanlike people will always hide under the carpet and boast about how ‘good’ they are in such events!  Event we coffeeshop people cannot take it!

Then thinking aloud, whether the same stupid and idiotic behavior happening at other marathon races such as Boston, New York, Chicago?
We suspect that in the western society, people who participate in such events would adhere to the good sportsmanship.

On the other hand, does it also means that as in the case of This Marathon, the route planning process is a mess?! The circumstances point towards poor control of route planning. Hence, it allows unsportsmanlike people to take the full advantage of the circumstances.

Some people could also argue that, hey, this is not an Olympic event nor Asian Games etc. So please do not nitpicking and hence, nothing is wrong and so long as everybody has fun in the run.
But think again, is it really the case?


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