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Extracts of LionCity local media report

Further commentary by Lion City Elder

With the above news report published, it is very clear that why Mr. Chew Eng Han (ex City Harvest Church’s fund manager) had decided to breakaway from the church he loves.

Now it is apparent that when the church fund scam was exposed, the then Exco members of the church had an escape route prepared: that’s to blame all things to the church’s fund (investment) manager, Chew Eng Han.

According to the many media reports released before, so Chew had also decided to defend his case independently.

This may be the last resort for City Harvest (Church) to “draw a line” with Chew. In order to put Chew even on a more defensive position in the whole episode of the church’s building fund misappropriation scam. If City Harvest succeeds in placing “mother of all ill intentions” onto Chew, then the only person to serve the eventual jail term may be the poor Mr. Chew! Instead of the rest of the five members of The Team.

So, they had been together as good bros and sisters of a team… But now? 

It is interesting to follow the story/case indeed.


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