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Extract of Singapore News report

Why Selfie-stick Should Be Ban?

By:  Event Goer

Though the decision by the Lion City State to ban Selfie-stick might annoy many enthusiasts of taking Selfie pictures, but for the good of the public safety this Thing should be ban at all major events.



~ when any commotion or violence starts, this thing (Selfie-stick) can be used as a harmful weapon.

~ worse still when at a major public event, hundreds of people with this Thing can create harm to many people!

~ even worse still, some idiots may fix something sharp on its end (instead of a smartphone), just imaging what kind of harmful scenarios can happen!!?  This Thing can be turned into a spear!

Yes, Singapore should also ban this Thing. There’s no need to take Selfie to such an extent really; no need for a long stupid stick in order to enjoy Selfie. If you want the stick, do it at home and at private parties/occasion.


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