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By:  Aviation Observer

According to the CNN report above, apparently Indonesian authority openly declared that, Air Asia’s crashed plane flight QZ8501 was unauthorized to fly on that Sunday!

Apparently the airline was ONLY approved to fly the route four days a week but it did not include Sunday.

Is that possible? And yet the doomed flight was “allowed” to taxi to the runway and “cleared” to take off?!

If the airline (Air Asia) was only authorized to fly on four days a week NOT including Sunday, isnt it the airline would have to file a special flight plan to the airport’s Flight Operations for that fatal Sunday right? Apparently Air Asia also had  another flight in the evening on the same route the same Sunday.

So, the million-dollar question is,
Did Air Asia file special flight plan for Sunday’s flight? If the airline did not do so, then how could the airport authority, including the control tower allow flight QZ8501 to take off?!
And most interestingly, how could flight QZ8501 be allocated a BOARDING GATE in the first place for passengers to embark??? (If without authorization).

That’s to say, does it mean that Air Asia has been given such “UNAUTHORIZED” flights all the while on Sunday with no question asked until the fatal incident happened!?
Or, is this the first and only time that both parties (airport authority and airline) acted quietly on the unauthorized flight?  ie. airline did not file a special flight plan and the authority didn’t check on it before it took off(?).

Now there are more questions adding on the myth of flight QZ8501…

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