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Commentary by: Aviation Observer

Looks like the more information been released on the tragic Air Asia flight QZ8501, the more surprises are being thrown into the air!

From the media reports, it is quite telling that,

~ the flight operations of that particular Indonesian airport authority is rather poor and very lacking in professional management as well as not adhering to SOPs.

~ the Air Asia pilots were not taking their flight serious enough, to ensure that they at least acquire the necessary weather information to be more prepared for flying that route. They should know that this period of time the weather condition in that particular region has been stormy! There’s no excuse for the pilots to overlook the most basic requirement on their preflight preparation – SAFETY.

~ It cannot be overemphasized that in aviation sector Safety remains the sole objective and most crucial element of Cockpit Resource Management (CRM).

~ in this instance, the pilots of flight QZ8501 were flying the plane with 162 passengers under their charge, blindly into the Perfect Storm!!!


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