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By:  China Funny Event Observer

Every year, southern China cities consume about 10m dogs!

In the city of YuLin, there is even a Hugh and Popular annual event organized for dog-eating! No joke.





Apparently this is a long and lasting culture of this part of China. People there claim that dog-eating is actually no difference from eating the meat of cow, goat, chicken, duck and pig.  Is that the right logic?



“Meat Stall”

It is known that on the web, many people especially westerners are extremely angry about such dog–eating culture. Because to them, dogs are not only pets but friends of human being. So don’t eat your friends.

The southern Chinese continue to argue that, why the westerners could slaughter millions of cows just because they love eating beef? Isn’t that a reasonable counter logic? 
Just because we human don’t keep cows and pigs as home pets and therefore we can slaughter them and eat them?

Then the westerners counter the argument by saying that, they treat the cows very nicely (with love?) before slaughtering them… But the dog-eaters don’t treat the dogs nicely before BBQ them!

So where’s the line to be drawn? Treatment before slaughtering (be nice or cruel) seems to be one of the criteria?

We slaughter them and eat them too…


It boils down to culture (ie. long and lasting practices).
Imaging that in the Beginning… What if westerners had started and moved on to sustain this dog-eating practices, wouldn’t it they continue to do so? And, if so, wouldn’t they defense the act too?  May be, they will treat dogs much nicer before BBQ them.

Lovely pet one moment,

Next, a meal !

Anyway, personally I am not for the act of dog-eating.
I would think that dogs are much smarter than cows (and pigs and goats and chicken) as animal; and dogs could be trained to be highly effective co-workers of human race, in many functions such as life-saving,  disaster rescue, drug search, watch your back yard, helping blind men, child therapy, hunting, playmate etc. etc. Dogs (with training) can contribute to human society and well being.
That’s the main reason we should not eat them. Not because of whether such animals are friend or no friend kind of argument.

So, from this instance we must learn to argue with deeper sense of purpose.

Are we hypocrites? As we selectively eat animals…
In fact, one can goes on to argue that, cows, goats, pigs and chicken also contribute greatly to human society; sacrifice their body as our meals.

There’s no end to the argument really.


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