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总的来说,咖啡店老叟認为,這次的新加坡国会议席选举证明了一项事实:  以一个弹丸小红点的独立国来说,最终必须以安身立命,求存和安全感为先。其他的理想化追求(包括民主自由和什么第一世界国会等等)只能作为口头上的闲聊。
The above is a report from the Malaysian Chinese newspaper. Me the coffeeshop old folk would conclude the GE 2015 Singapore as the solid proof of Singaporeans’ preference for personal well-being, survival and sense of security. In fact, through this GE, whatever Singaporeans talking about democracy and diversified voices in parliament or first-world parliament remain not something serious enough to swing their votes to the oppositions.

小红点人们最优先考虑的是,the Little Red Dot people are most concerned with their priorities on the following,
~ 人人有工作。Everybody has a job.
~ 人人有花红。Everybody has good bonuses.
~ 新家庭有自己的房子,最好是公寓。New families have their own home and preferably condo.
~ 多数人有车子。majority can afford a car.
~ 每年可以出国旅游。every year goes on holidays.
~ 安全感。sense of security.

小红点人们最不能承受的是,Little Red Dot people are most afraid of,
~ 高失业率。high unemployment rates.
~ 经济烏云在头上盘旋不去。economic thunderstorm overhead.
~ 年青人上不了大学。young people cannot move on to get a university degree.
~ 老来不夠公积金养老。not enough CPF money for retirement.
~ 外来人口来搶去好工作。foreign workers/talents here robbing away Singaporeans’ chance of getting a good (well paid) job.

小红点人们半懂不懂的是,But most people still don’t quite understand this,
~ 为什么生产力讲了那么多年还是上不去? Why the Red Dot had been talking about Productivity for years and it doesn’t materialize?
~ 为什么人家纽约,London, 和东京的地铁比新加坡的还古早及更大线路,却不会三天两头大停顿? How come places like New York, London and Tokyo have been running their mass transit trains system for long long years and they don’t breakdown every now and then?
~ 为什么只能有建国一代而没有”下一代”? (不是说 A nation in progress 的吗?) Why only stick to the Pioneer Generation once and for all, without a scheme that can reward and honor future batches/generations for continuous nation building? (Isn’t it someone important said that before, that Singapore is a nation in progress?)
~ 为什么现在不再清楚解释要把人口数量定在六百九十万和如何达到最佳的经济与基础设施发展的平衡状态? (只要能十分明确的说出好处和发表总藍圖,不怕没人支持).
Why not come forward to clearly explain the “magic figure” of 6.9m population target (or guideline) and not left it in the air for more guessing and resentment? With precise and clear illustration of the scheme’s benefits to Singaporeans and the nation’s future, coupled with a clear blueprint of the scheme on how to make it happen through stages and balanced measures/policies, focusing on job opportunities, infrastructure developments and comfort living; it should be no less in support for the vision. The issue lies in can it be the common vision embraced by Singaporeans? There should be credible (solid) plans (or at least a clear blueprint) that can be put open for serious public discussion (or even a referendum?), instead of confining the process to a few.

最后,这次的选举结果 = 十分合理。
Finally, the GE 2015 results = highly logical outcome.

However, there’s one thing that coffeeshop old folk still doesn’t quite get it, why there’s still loose talks on “many Singaporeans are expressing that, they are very upset and disappointed by the results of GE 2015”?!
Little Red Dot people, what’s wrong with you?!


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