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Comments from TheRealOpinion:

There are already many similar articles posted about why the Little Red Dot is getting from bad to worse by ex-Singaporeans or those who are residing overseas. Though everyone who are concerned about the country has the right to air their views; however not many of them have the right level of perspective. Therefore, their views tend to be more or less personal grievances rather than seeing things from a higher plane.
We need to have more thoughtful views based on strategic perspective and hence, provide constructive ideas/opinions that really matter.

Here’s my view,
For Singapore to strive and to further develop (and improved significantly) in the next 50 years, it will have to transform itself in the following major areas. They are,

1. Big Markets. Strive to closely connect to international big markets, with regard to developing strong capability in offering targeted products, professional services and unique middleman trades. This requires a strong base of new technologies, innovations and startup funding. eg. Fintech, crowdfunding etc.

2. Big Population. If Singapore is to establish more significant growth in economic base, both in the domestic and overseas markets and yet confronted with an aging population; it has to maintain a steady growth in its population base over the next few decades, including local population size and right sets of foreign manpower. Only with a sizeable pool of working population and having a right balance of professional skill sets in the New Economy; we can then expect a very successful national endeavor in the economy transformation process.

3. Big Scale. We are no longer living and competing in a village or fragmented or isolated marketplace. The impact of new economy that presents itself to all nations is the tremendous scalability in new technologies coupled with highly expandable network throughout targeted markets.
Singapore needs an integrated yet flexible “new economy framework” that can fully facilitate (and fund) industrial and service-oriented innovations to take off and compete to win in bigger arenas internationally but not just stay within its limited domestic markets.

4. Big Culture. In order to strive successfully on the prior three (3) major areas, Inevitably Singapore has to transform itself to be a “Big Culture” along the path taken to transform into new economy landscape. This means that Singapore’s cultural development will no longer constrained by its own origins and founding mindset. It will have to accommodate different ideas brought in by foreign technology and business partners; and allows them to evolve into greater competitive strengths. Without an accommodating and inclusive culture, it is very hard for innovation to happen in a big way.

Considering the above challenges, it is crucial that the govt. posseses robust blueprints for new infrastructure development, a new economy integration framework and, sustainable high targeted fiscal policy & budgets that can support the Singapore dreams.


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