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Commentary by:  SG Commoner

9th May 2016

The Independence puts up Goh Meng Seng’s FB article about Dr. Chee Soon Juan; in that Goh asked Chee to leave the political scene because he assesses that Chee would never win in his future bids.


It is rather irony (and funny) that a “loser” who had quitted the arena and went to live with his family in Hong Kong and now commenting on a “fighter” who is still “enjoying” his fight in the arena.

The following brief information (from the web) is about Goh Meng Seng, who lost his fight in the last general election (2015) with only 23.11% of the valid votes, which was one of the worse performing candidates!



The following extracts are why Goh Meng Seng thinks that Chee Soon Juan should quit,




Goh stresses that for the sake of Chee’s family, it is time for him to take a back seat…
He also feels sorry for Chee who spent 20 years of his prime in the “hopeless” endeavor.

For commoners like us with no political interest, Goh has simply portrayed to the public a profile of himself as a weak character loser.
In contrast, Chee emerges a better person who sticks on to his course.

As most people observe, Chee and his family seem to be very much enjoying the last two election campaigns (2015 and 2016). Apparently Chee is able to put his past behind him and to a large extend (?) focusing on building up trust with voters.

So Mr. Goh, it won’t be “too cruel to ask him (Chee) to continue to fight a destined lost war…” In fact, Chee and his family seemed to spend more time together in the campaign outing!  Didn’t Goh see photos of Chee and family giving everybody their happy smiles?

The logic here is, don’t try to put your own context and failed experience on someone else. You are not him; your family isn’t his family.

The recent Bukit Batok by-election is a good example of proper and fair competition between the two political candidates. While we congratulate the winner of the contest yet there’s no need to rub it in on the other one who put up a good fight.
After every election, Singapore remains an inclusive society. One people, One nation.


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