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By:  Sports Observer 

Nov 2, 2016  Wed 

According to The Straits Times interview report published on Oct 29 (Saturday); apparently our formal national table tennis player Feng Tianwei said that she would seek to build own support team in open tournaments, that also includes her representing Singapore in Olympic Games and premier international games.

While i am impressed by her personal ambition, courage and promise of “want to win back what the country lost last year, and help to maintain Singapore’s traditionnal strength in the women’s team event.” I have also found her wanting in that such proclamation does not make good sense based on what she intends to do after leaving the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA).

A New Dawn For Singapore’s Table Tennis Arena? 

From what we read about the interview report, basically Feng wants to achieve her aim of competing as a professional on the ITTF circuit and as well as participating in the World Championship and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games primarily on her own support system which is not managed by the STTA, but with STTA’s endorsement. It is in fact, Feng tries to create a new structure/regime of sports support system here which can support an individual or a team of “private candidates” to represent Singapore officially in major international tournaments. This may create a situation of having an “alternate” or “specially managed” privately-run table tennis paddler(s) competing along side with the STTA Team in same international events from time to time. And, how to manage any dispute arises from registering for various competition events in a tournament?

What STTA says? ( extracts from web)

What Feng’s Plan & Aspiration? 

The Outcome? 

It is learnt that the STTA intends to meet Feng to work out the terms and conditions concerning her playing status. At this stage it is not known what arrangement will be reached by STTA and Feng. But it is paramount that STTA being one of the premier national bodies of sports in Singapore, whatever decision made by STTA over this case should duly consider two key points. First and foremost, how STTA is to manage Feng’s future participation in international tournaments if she is given the status to represent Singapore yet does not come under STTA’s direction, what that means with regard to Singapore table tennis team strategy. And if there’s any disciplinary issue or conflicting demands on the court or during tournament? Secondly, should STTA as a national sporting body seek consent and approval from the Singapore Sports Council and Singapore Olympic Council with regard to this special regime of privately supported and run system? ie. Should such important decision for a national sport be left to STTA’s sole prerogative?

Last but not least, Singaporeans and concerned parties would be interested to know whether this special arrangement being discussed does provide a creative yet positive impetus for Singapore’s sports future. The outcome of this squabble will be interesting. 


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